Badass Custom Decals was founded in January 2007 by David and Alicia. We used to ride our sportbikes at the Jennings GP and Homestead Miami Speedway tracks, and Dave always wanted his bike to look more like a race bike. We could never find the decals he wanted, but a friend of ours had a little hobby cutter and he let us borrow it. Because of Dave’s background in graphics, he got it working right away, and we started making our own decals. After realizing the potential of our friend’s cutter, we bought our own and began selling small name and logo decals to our friends for their bikes, cars, & businesses.
A year later, since 2008, we dove head first into the Wall Decal market, and after launching our first website,, we quickly shot to first on Google for the search term. We became known as the leader of the industry, the largest wall decal manufacturer on the internet! We rapidly expanded into two large warehouse spaces to accommodate our ever growing sales.
As time as passed, and the markets have changed, we have placed a larger emphasis on serving and taking care of our local clients. Since beginning over a decade ago, we have expanded our services to include UV printing, wide format printing, offset printing, and full service graphic design and web work. , Most of this is done through our main corporation, Dali Studios, Inc, (Dali = David + Alicia), but we are still focused on providing the coolest, best, and most awesome products we can. We will always be Badass at heart, and we are excited to revive our original brand.